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Featured battle : off Zeeland

Part of Anglo-Dutch War, Third

Date : 11 August 1673

The Combined fleet left England on the 17th July, with 4000 troops on board, intending to land on Zeeland. They did not do so but cruised along the Dutch coast. The Dutch fleet came out and manoeuvred so that on the morning of the 11th August it was both inshore and to windward of the Combined fleet. As the Dutch bore down to attack the French squadron sailed away and took no further part in the battle. The English were therefore left at a 60 against 100 disadvantage. The English made for their own shore but maintained good order and the battle became a running fight. Few ships were lost on either side but because of the large numbers of soldiers aboard the English ships the loss of life was great. The last sea battle between the English and the Dutch was a Dutch victory.

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Medieval foot, protection demonstration.

Medieval foot, protection demonstration.

A demonstration by the Company of Palm Sunday group on how the bill polearm would have been used to provide a defensive wall against mounted knights and approaching foot.

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Rome at War, Caesar and his Legacy

Gilliver, Goldsworthy & Whitby
A 3 part work covering Caesar's Gallic wars, his civil war, then a study of late Rome in 3rd to 7th centuries
Osprey, Essential Histories, 2005

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