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Featured battle : Fredericksburg

Part of American Civil War

Date : 12 December 1862 - 13 December 1862

One of the Union's bloodiest defeats throughout the war. The Army of the Potomac under Burnside approached the Rappahannock from the north quickly, aiming to cross river at Fredericksburg and march on Richmond before Lee was able to block him. Pontoons took weeks to arrive, however, and by the time Burnside attempted his crossing, Lee was ready. On the first day, Franklin's corps crossed south of the town under cover of artillery, but the Union right flank crossing behind the town itself were held for much of the day by Mississippian snipers in the buildings. On the second day Franklin attacked Jackson on the ridge forming the confederate right and a division under Meade actually broke through but reserves were never sent forward and Jacksons reserves counter-attacked throwing them back. On the Union right things went from bad to worse. Union divisions attacking Longstreet on Marye's Heights ran straight into a hail of fire from the heights and from a sunken road, fronted by a stone wall at the foot of the ridge. The result was carnage. Night brought an end to the bloodshed and after a truce the following day to bury the dead the Army of the Potomac withdrew.

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Land-Rover S2A - SAS version

Land-Rover S2A - SAS version

An excellent example of the 'Pink Panther' style Land Rover as used by the SAS for desert reconnaissance and special operations. The superstructure has been pared to the bone, then covered in equipment! The close-ups show the sort of kit carried, including a pair of GPMG's on pintel mounts, an 84mm 'Carl Gustav' anti-armour rocket launcher, plus ammunition, radio sets and personal webing and kit. The view of the dashboard also shows the rifle stowage bins mounted on the front wings of the vehicle.

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Waterloo Battlefield Guide

David Buttery
From the outset this book delivered more than I was expecting. Not only was there a description of the many places relevant to the Waterloo story placed, of course, in their modern setting to make them easy to find; but there was also a narrative of the battle with the troop dispositions and timings as accurate as you will find anywhere else. The maps and illustrations are numerous and good servants to the text. I read the book before my visit to Belgium and, having now used it extensively while there, my advice to the would be visitor is read it before you go and don't go without it. Highly recommended.
Pen & Sword Family Military, 2013

Reviewed : 2015-07-17 19:36:23