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Featured battle : Guise

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 24 June 1815

The 2nd Brigade of the Prussian I Corps were moving south and dealing with strongpoints on the way. The fortified town of Guise was defended by National Guard troops. The Prussian casualties were very light and the Garrison were disarmed and sent home. The Prussians then left a garrison in the town.

Featured image :

Navy 'Goalkeeper' CIWS

Navy 'Goalkeeper' CIWS

This Dutch-built Close in Weapons System (CIWS) provides a fully autonomous weapon designed to shoot down missiles and aircraft from between 350m and 1500m of the host ship. It mounts a 7 barrel 30mm Gatling gun capable of 4,200 rounds per minute and includes radar and fire control computers within the housing.

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Featured review :

Handbook to Roman Legionary Fortresses

Bishop, M C
Providing exactly what the title suggests, this is primarily a gazetteer of all currently known Roman Legion bases, each with well referenced details such as location, situation, size, orientation etc. as well as the units that were based there together with line drawings and photographs. The handbook also contains appendices of Legionary timelines and a clear list of fortresses listed in the Notitia Dignitatum. The introductory section is short, but focussed carefully on the architecturally important details that pertain to Legion bases, and while well written, does assume a reasonable working knowledge of Roman military history. The bibliography is truly huge, and all in all this handbook should be considered an essential reference for a Roman military scholar.
Pen & Sword, Barnsley., Jan 2013

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