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Welcome to Clash of Steel!

Featured battle : Poti

Part of Russo-Turkish war, Ninth

Date : 13 November 1809

A numerically inferior Russian force commanded by Prince Orbeljanov took the port of Poti, suffering relatively few in casualties the process.

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Medieval cooking - MUR3_yklvycook

Medieval cooking - MUR3_yklvycook

Members of the York City Levy prepare medival dishes.

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The Doolittle Raid

John Grehan & Alexander Nicoll
The Doolittle Raid is in the Images of Aviation series and images it certainly has. There are photographs of all the aircraft, all of the crews and many of the ships that took part in that historic adventure. But this book is much more than the images in that it also tells the story of the raid largely through the reports of Colonel Doolittle and others who took part in the action. The photographs are well annotated and given context by the text. In this book we have a factual introduction free from authors conjectures, what ifs and opinions and is best seen as an essential introduction to greater in depth analysis. The references and notes point to further readings should one want it.
This great story, well told and illustrated, will appeal to a wide range of reader and we highly recommend it.

Air World Books, 2020

Reviewed : 2020-04-17 09:04:35