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Featured battle : Waterloo

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 18 June 1815

Wellington's defensive position behind a ridge and in buildings was attacked by the French. The very wet ground, a late start to the battle and the dogged resistance of the troops were all in favour of the allies. Napoleon's frontal attacks lacked the necessary coordination of infantry, cavalry and artillery. When Blücher brought his Prussians into action on the French right the French defeat was sealed. Napoleon's gamble to take the Anglo-Dutch and the Prussian armies separately almost came off. Failure to exploit either of the opening two battles of the campaign at Ligny and Quatre Bras plus Wellington's determined defence at Mont St Jean plus a Prussian Corps at Wavre holding down Grouchy's Corps allowed the Allies, eventually, to act in consort on the battlefield. Napoleon's last throw ended in defeat.

Featured image :

Mil Mi-24 "Hind D"

Mil Mi-24

This impressive Russian combat helicopter has served with 30 countries and saw particular service in Afganistan during the Russian Occupation. This example was bought by BAe Systems and is on loan to the Midlands Aircraft Museum from them, hence the colour scheme.

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Featured review :

Wellington's Spies

Mary McGrigor
This is a story of three men parts of which, if told as fiction, would be seen as taking things too far. Who would believe that an army officer in uniform and in their right mind, would take a journey of a few hundred miles, behind the enemy lines, accompanied by his servant and with various guides? And another who after capture and being held prisoner in Paris continues to send valuable information back to the commander in the Peninsular? The adventures of the three principals is well told against the background of the Peninsular war. The author, Mary McGrigor, has an easy, readable presentation of the facts and uses lots of extracts from the men’s journals and other official papers to support her words. Here are rich insights into the character of a certain class of men of that period. They don’t all have it easy and they don’t all survive but to say more would be to spoil the story.
This book takes a different, fascinating angle on life in the British army for three men in the Peninsular war. It can be read as a novel but it is so much more than that. We highly recommend it.

Pen & Sword Military, 2020

Reviewed : 2020-04-09 11:09:54